Inflation Essay Quotations

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Quotes about inflation

"Production is the only answer to inflation" -Chester Bowles
"Inflation is taxation without legislation" -Milton Friedman
"Inflation is the crabgrass in your savings" -Robert Orben
"Domestic inflation reflects domestic monetary policy" -Martin Feldstein
"The higher interest and higher inflation is a vicious cycle" -Arundhati Bhattacharya
"I feel very uncomfortable with respect to looking at inflation" -Arthur Laffer
"Inflation, like infrastructure, should be a bipartisan issue" -Jake Auchincloss
"There is no such thing as a riskless hedge against inflation" -Edgar Fiedler
"Inflation outstripped real wages for people who work for pay from others" -Tim Bishop
"The best measure of inflation is what is happening with commodity prices" -Stephen Moore
"Inflation is bringing us true democracy. For the first time in history, luxuries and necessities are selling at the same price" -Robert Orben
"It is a way to take people's wealth from them without having to openly raise taxes. Inflation is the most universal tax of all" -Thomas Sowell
"Inflation is taking up the poverty line, and poverty is not just economic but defined by way of health and education" -Azim Premji
"Inflation destroys savings, impedes planning, and discourages investment. That means less productivity and a lower standard of living" -Kevin Brady
"In reality there is no such thing as an inflation of prices, relatively to gold. There is such a thing as a depreciated paper currency" -Lysander Spooner