Blessing of science essay

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Science has its impact on the life of every human being and it is almost impossible to count the blessings of science. The modern world is full of wonders of science and it made the life so easy and better than before, it would not be wrong to say that we are living in the world of science. Science has discovered uncountable wonders that no one would have ever thought of. Every comfort and luxury of life that we see around us, is a blessing of science.

Science has multiple branches and every branch is playing a vital role in facilitating the life of human beings. Science have enabled us to progress in every aspect of life and solved millions of unsolved matters.

It is because of science and technology that we are able to deliver this(blessings of science essay) to you and by whichever mean you are accessing it, is an invention of science. Computers, mobile phones and the internet, they all are amongst the greatest inventions of science, because of them the world has became a global village. We can connect to our friends, family or anyone else by staying in different parts of the world with the help of internet. In fact, people are now working online for organization which are not even based within their country. Similarly, if the organizations do not find the desired skilled persons in the local market, they can find them in the international markets, forgetting about the geographical barriers.

Due to medical science, health care has been tremendously enhanced to such extent that, it has become so easy now a days to diagnose any disease very quickly. If a disease can be diagnosed timely, it becomes easy to deal with it. There were numerous diseases that were declared incurable but due to medical science, it became possible to diagnose and cure those diseases. This is how, science is proven to be a life saver.

Wheel is an invention of science and due to this invention, it became possible to travell long distances in a very short period of time. People move accross cities and even accross countries without going through a long, tough and frustrating journey, it only takes a few hours to fly across their desired locations. If you are travelling by road, you can check the traffic on your routes and then choose the best possible one to take you to your destination safely and quickly. In case of flights, they check the whether first, weather it's suitable for the flight or not. They all are the wonders of science and technology, it also makes us realize the importance of technical education.

Science and technology should be promoted as much as possible. Pakistan is lagging behind in the field of science and technology, and it is letting us down in every field including the instability of the economy and inflation in Pakistan. Inflation is perhaps the biggest hurdle in the way of development of a country.