Courtesy Essay with Quotations

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courtesy essay
"Courtesy goes a long way, but doors are closed to he who is rude and oblivious" -Dr. Lucas D. Shallua

Perhaps the most important one is spending valueable time with their children to teach them the basic ethics of life and moral values to make them a good addition to the society. There is nothing wrong with being competitive and working hard to be better but people should realize the importance of spending enough time with their children to groom them in a postive and productive manner because family is the biggest asset someone can have.

Role of Teachers:

Teachers make societies, they have the most important job in the world. Teachers have the ability to shape the minds of their students. Along with curriculum activities, teachers should also concentrate on teaching their students the basic etiquettes of living in a civilized society.

"Be kind. Be courteous. Love others and be happy. It’s that simple" -Daniel Norris

Teachers can change the society because students sitting in a classroom are the future of the society as they go out and build up families, they go into the organizations and every other part of the society. If they know the manners to deal with others, they can change the society to a very pleasant place to be.

Role of Media:

Media is been revolutionizing in every era from print media to electronic media and social media. This is the age of social media and it is perhaps the most strong and impactful type of media. Media has the power to manipulate the minds of individuals because people believe and follow what they see. If media utilizes its power positively, it can teach people every good manner and etiquette that can help to build a civilized society.

"Greatness is so often a courteous synonym for great success" -Philip Guedalla
"Courtesy costs nothing, but buys everything" -Hazrat Ali ibn Abu-Talib A.S

Courtesy means being polite, showing good manners and having a overall respectful behavior while interacting to others in daily life. It stays the same for everyone, whether you are interacting to someone younger than you or to someone who is elder than you.

Similarly, whether you are at home interacting to your family, or at your workplace interacting to your colleagues or you are interacting to your neighbours, you should treat everyone with courtesy.

"No duty is more urgent than that of returning thanks" -James Allen

There are numerous religions in the world and almost every religions teaches to be courteous while dealing with others but Islam endorses the concept of courtesy the most. A courteous person is a primary building block of a civilized society.

He spreads positive vibes around him, whenever he meets people, he treats them with courtesy. It creates a respectful, humble and a pleasant environment within the society.

"All doors open to courtesy" -Thomas Fuller

People are so conscious about their self respect, there is a saying, give respect get respect. If you do not give respect to others, you will not get it in return. Courtesy also encourages the concept of brotherhood, people remermber those who treat them with good manners and they always wish to help them in order to pay them back for their act of kindness. This makes a strong bonding among a group of people and they stand by each other in their good and bad times.

How to Build a Courteous Society:

Following are some points which should be considered in order to build a courteous society:

Role of Parents:

Parents must try to spend more and more time with their children becauase they have a huge and vital role in the grooming of their children. As the societies are developing day by day, people are becoming more career oriented and competitive. They work so hard to be better than others but in this race, they missout so many important things in their personal lives.