Essay on my Favorite Personality

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my favorite personality

Everyone has a favorite personality in their lives, my favorite personality is my mother because she is a courteous, compassionate and selfless person. My mother is so kind to everyone around her, moreover, she always try to be the first one to help someone in need and that is what she taught me and my siblings throughout our lives. She sacrifice a lot and works so hard to keep a pleasant environment for me and my siblings within our house and always try to provide us a better tomorrow. My mother is a true example of a person who can be the primary building block of a civilized society.

“A mother understands what a child does not say.” —Jewish proverb

All of my relations are very important and everyone holds a unique place in my heart but my relation with my mother is the most strongest and precious one I have. She knows how to make me happy when I am sad, I do not have to say a single word to explain my state of mind to her, she just reads it all from my face. I am so emotionally attached to her and I do not feel any hesitation in sharing problems and even my secrets with her because I know that she is so supportive.

My mother is also a great teacher, she taught us that courtesy, compassion, selflessness, and being helpful are the basic principles of life. She also taught us the basic ethics and manners of living in a civilized society. One of her biggest teachings is being humble, no matter what you have achieved in your life, moreover, take your responsibilities seriously and never backdown from them. Respect the elders and love the youngers.

“Mothers are like glue. Even when you can’t see them, they’re still holding the family together.” —Susan Gale

She is also so supportive, she respects and backs our decisions all the time and gives us the courage to go along with them. She inspires us to set bigger goals in life and to follow them without being afraid of failure. My mother also takes care of her children's relationship with each other. She advises us to respect and take care of each other and never let anyone down. In the end, I would say the she is the most precious blessing of Allah almighty that we have.