Sports and Games Essay with Quotations

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sports and games essay with quotes

Sports and games are the physical activities having a set of rules, and are often a source of enjoyment for the participants and a source entertainment for the spectators. There are hundreds of sports played around the world, some are single contestant and some are team sports. Sports are always competitive, participants work so hard to win the games for themselves and for their team.

"Sports are the greatest physical poetry" (Joe Philips)

Sports play a vital role in maintaining overall health and fitness of the participants. As sports are very competitive, a sportsmen have to keep their fitness at the top level in order to compete and perform better for their team. They have to follow very disciplined and tough routines to be able to reach the level of fitness that professional sports demand.

Importance of Sports:

Sports play a very important role in maintaining a good physical and mental health along with overall development of a personality. Sports teach discipline, patience and also help develop leadership skills. Sports has an important role in a student's life because not everything can be learned by sitting in a classroom, so many things like team work, decision making and self-discipline are learned on a sport field. Being involved in sports keeps students physically and mentally fresh which puts a positive impact in their overall performance as a student.

"A sound body has a sound mind" (Thales)

Sports as Entertainment:

Sports are considered as a great source of entertainment around the world, millions of people of every age group go to sport venues to cheer and support their teams and to enjoy their performances. Those who cannot go to venues, watch the live action on their TVs through broadcasting by sitting at their homes. Sports have a lot of suspense, you never know which team is going to win the game, at some stage one team gets the upper hand and then the second one comes back. This is why sports are a huge source of entertainment, people stick to their TV screens till the end of the game.

"Sports are the only entertainment where, no matter how many times you go back, you never know the ending" (Neil Simon)

Sports promote Equality and Diversity:

Sports are a great medium of promoting equality and diversity as people from different cities of a state get equal opportunities to be selected for the national team of the state. If we talk about Pakistan cricket team, there are guys from different regions of Pakistan, they spend a lot of time together in a camp, they train together and then compete together. This is how they get to know more about each other and their cultures as well. Not only the players, but the spectators as well, they come from different regions, get together on a same venue to support their team and have some interaction with each other.

"Sports has the power to change the world" (Nelson Mandela)

Technology in Sports:

Technology has become an essential part of modren day sports, there are set of rules for every sport to ensure the fairplay and technology helps a lot for the implementation of those rules. Technology has made it so easy for the umpires to make accurate decisions. It also helps the players to improve the weak areas of their game by reviewing their performance and analyzing the shortcomings. Not just in sports, technology has its impact on every aspect of human life and it continues to develop day after day so it is very important for developing countries to acknowledge and promote technical education.

"Technology is changing the world; it's changing our sport. It's changing the way people are following the NBA" (Adam Silver)